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We’re committed to equipping our people with the tools they need to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Our commitment goes beyond words. We’ve designed policies that help you achieve the best possible work-life balance.

Our attorneys are dedicated to our clients and achieving the best outcomes for them, and they work hard.  For this reason, our annual minimum billable hour requirement is less than at most other law firms, and we have a generous attorney hours bonus program that pays bonuses above the minimum hours. We also don’t want our attorneys to have to wait until the end of the year for their bonuses, so we make every effort to pre-pay attorney hours bonuses throughout the year, provided our attorneys are on track to meet their minimum billable hours threshold.

We recognize that at times, to achieve a more realistic work-life balance, our team members may want a more flexible work schedule. We invite our attorneys and other team members to request flexible and part-time schedules. Hybrid or remote work is also available to our team to maximize their ability to manage all their responsibilities.

Our comprehensive leave policies, including parental, family, maternity, medical and other leave policies, and our flexible vacation policies help our attorneys and all our team members lead productive and fulfilling professional and personal lives as they make their way through life’s milestones.


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