We long ago established our core philosophies of mutual respect within our workforce and equal treatment for all, regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion or sexual orientation. One of our founding members, Robert K. Phillips, holds a master’s degree in theology from Boston University where he majored in social ethics and social justice with an emphasis on minority inclusion issues. Mr. Phillips has been active in diversity and inclusion issues his entire adult life and has made his philosophy of inclusion a cornerstone principle of the firm.

To this end, we actively publish our minority and female hiring initiatives and aggressively pursue qualified applicants. However, our lawyers’ outstanding qualities are not measured just by ethnicity, race or gender. From newest associate to named partner, all our lawyers directly manage case files. We encourage our minority and female attorneys to participate in minority and female professional organizations, and we are proud of the fact that our practice is composed of over 60% female and over 40% minority attorneys. We look forward to an increasingly diverse partnership.

Our firm is also the proud recipient of the Diversity Gold Seal from Vault and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA™) for its efforts to foster and enhance diversity in the legal community. We have also instituted and annually fund Fellowships for Minorities at three major law schools.

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