San Francisco Attorneys Win Motion to Dismiss Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit

Congratulations to Partner Elisa Marcaletti and Associate George M. Morris for a recent win in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, after a favorable outcome on a FRCP 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss.  Plaintiff alleged sexual misconduct by her peers in violation of human trafficking laws under the TVPRA.  She alleged that our client participated and benefitted from the misconduct and knew or should have known the misconduct was in violation of the TVPRA, without factual support.  We also argued that plaintiff did not properly allege punitive damages against our client.  The Court agreed with our argument that the Complaint failed to allege facts showing our client knew or should have known that the misconduct was in violation of the TVPRA, and the Complaint did not connect the misconduct with any benefit to our client.