Las Vegas Office Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgment Against Plaintiff’s Claims that Client was Vicariously Liable for Alleged Assault and Battery Committed by Former Employee

Brenda H. Entzminger successfully brought a motion for summary judgment before the United States District Court. Ms. Entzminger put forth affirmative evidence that Plaintiff waived any right to tort action by consenting to engage in mutual combat and that the former employee’s actions were not within the scope of employment.


Las Vegas Office Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgment on All Claims Against Shoplifter

A merchant’s asset protection officer, after observing Plaintiff via surveillance camera concealing merchandise on his person, detained Plaintiff and summoned law enforcement officer. Plaintiff was arrested, tried and convicted of petty larceny. Plaintiff asserted claims against merchant for false imprisonment, slander, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring/retention/training of asset protection officer, malicious prosecution and…


San Francisco Office Successfully Represents Property Owner and Settles Serious Personal Injury Case

Todd Angstadt and Elisa Marcaletti successfully represented a property owner in a case involving a plaintiff who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident when the client and others allegedly strung a rope across the road, “clothes lining” plaintiff. The plaintiff’s physical injuries necessitated a medically-induced coma, multiple plastic surgeries, and future plastic and oral…