Mendocino County Bar Association Commends James Ghidella for Settlement Expertise

Brian Momsen,Esq., President of the Mendocino County Bar Association, has commended Senior Counsel James Ghidella on behalf of the Association for his many years of service as pro tem Settlement Officer of the Court and equating the level of his services in court-mandated settlement conferences to those commonly provided in private mediations. Congratulations to Jim.


Nevada Office Obtains Summary Judgment in Premises Liability Case

Las Vegas associate Ryan Kerbow obtained summary judgment in favor of retailer Sam’s Club in a premises liability case. Plaintiff claimed special damages in excess of $1.4 million as a result of a slip and fall on a spill in a checkout lane. Summary judgment was granted as plaintiff was unable to rebut Sam’s Club’s…


Las Vegas Office Obtains Exclusion of Damages in Premises Liability Action 

Las Vegas attorney Ryan Kerbow obtained an order from the United States District Court, District of Nevada, excluding $263,793 in past medical expenses and $472,538.00 in future damages in a premises liability action. The exclusion was a sanction pursuant to FRCP 37 for untimely disclosure of damages.  McJunkin v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., No. 2:15–cv–01966–LDG–PAL, ECF…


Las Vegas Office Wins Full Defense Verdict in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Brenda H. Entzminger and Marjan Hajimirzaee successfully defended a large retail store in a civil jury trial in Las Vegas, Nevada. Plaintiff claimed he was injured when he slipped and fell while the retailer was cleaning its premises. Plaintiff demanded $2 million for a total knee replacement, future revision surgeries, and pain and suffering. On…


San Francisco Office Successfully Defends Six-Week Premises Liability Jury Trial where Plaintiff Requested $2.8 Million in Damages Resulted in Only $7,800 Award

Attorneys Robert Phillips and Sara Khan successfully defended a six week premises liability jury trial in the Fresno County Superior Court. Plaintiff sustained injuries to her back when she was struck by merchandise being hauled on a pallet. Plaintiffs presented testimony from five medical experts, including three neurosurgeons, that the incident resulted in serious injuries…