San Francisco Office Obtains Defense Verdict

Bradley Jameson obtained a defense verdict following four week trial in which plaintiffs claimed defendants’ negligence caused and/or contributed to earth movement resulting in damage to their property. Mr. Jameson was able to convince the jury that outside factors, including rainfall, were responsible for the landslide.


San Francisco Office Exonerates Commercial Landlord

Bradley Jameson and William Carlson recently exonerated a commercial landlord from the building owner’s attempts to allocate fault to our client. The court agreed that our client was faultless and dismissed the case with prejudice at our request.


Landlord Success Before San Francisco’s Rent Board

San Francisco attorney Maija O. Villegas recently exonerated a landlord before San Francisco’s Rent Board. A tenant petioned the Rent Board claiming the landlord and its agents allowed a nuisance to exist, did not enforce house rules and interrupted the tenant’s utilities in retaliation for the tenant’s complaints. After receiving evidence and hearing argument, the Rent Board agreed…


San Francisco Office Prevails on Motions to Dismiss Professional Liability Case Against Lender

Plaintiff brought her professional liability case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against her lender and real estate appraisers in the U.S. District Court for alleged property value losses suffered. San Francisco attorneys Robert Phillips andJessica Pliner filed motions to have plaintiff’s complaint dismissed against our clients lack of…


San Francisco Attorney Anna Gehriger Becomes a LEED Accredited Professional

In June 2009, San Francisco attorney Anna Gehriger became a LEED Accredited Professional (“LEED AP”). LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The LEED rating system which is administered by the Green Building Certification Institute was developed to encourage green building practices. To become a LEED AP, one must demonstrate a thorough understanding…


San Francisco Office Successfully Represents Property Owner and Settles Serious Personal Injury Case

Todd Angstadt and Elisa Marcaletti successfully represented a property owner in a case involving a plaintiff who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident when the client and others allegedly strung a rope across the road, “clothes lining” plaintiff. The plaintiff’s physical injuries necessitated a medically-induced coma, multiple plastic surgeries, and future plastic and oral…


San Francisco Office Defeats Class Certification and Successfully Settles Habitability Action

Todd Angstadt and Elisa Marcaletti recently successfully settled two related lawsuits filed by 46 plaintiffs in Alameda Superior Court. The plaintiffs were tenants of an apartment complex located in Oakland, California. The firm represented the apartment complex owners against claims of retaliatory eviction, wrongful endeavors to evict, negligence, breach of contract, breach of the warranty…


San Francisco Office Obtains $63,000 Attorneys Fees Award in Landlord-Tenant Action

Robert K. Phillips and Jessica Stuart Pliner moved for attorneys fees and costs after prevailing in an action brought against our landlord clients for the breach of warranty of habitability in Sonoma Superior Court. The Court granted motions declaring plaintiff a vexatious litigant and dismissing her cross-complaint. The Court also granted our motion for fees…


San Francisco Office Obtains $6.6 Million Dollar Judgment on Behalf of Biopharmaceutical Client

Robert K. Phillips, Katherine Munter and Jessica Pliner brought an intellectual property case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on behalf of their biopharmaceutical client against a Japanese manufacturer. The defendant had misappropriated confidential information related to our client’s technology which is used in a number of medical, therapeutic…